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First Stop: Beautiful Barcelona!

I made it over to Europe!! Our first stop on our backpacking journey is Barcelona, Spain. The flight over took about 8 hours which was brutal and left me pretty exhausted. After a quick nap, Mike and I set off to explore this beautiful, busy city.

Yesterday we walked all around the city, over some bridges, and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.. Oops got carried away, but we were exploring everywhere! We also happened upon a church while walking back towards our hostel. This isn’t unusual since there are churches everywhere here.. “Oh I wonder what that big building is,” yeah, that big building is almost always a church. And sure enough, the church we happened upon was HUGE! Not width-wise but height. It’s as though every church designer back in the day was trying to one-up the other church designers. At least that’s how I imagine it happening.

Today we visited the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, which is, you guessed it, another church. One that has been under construction for years and is by far, the tallest and most detailed church I’ve ever seen. It looked more like a castle than a church to me. Almost as if I was suddenly thrown into Disney World and Mickey Mouse was about to jump out from behind a pillar.

We then went to Montjuic Castle which we spotted while exploring yesterday. We hiked up the mountain and wandered through some gardens before we found where the castle was. Once we climbed atop the castle there were breathtaking views of the ocean and the city. It reminded me of hiking up Kennesaw mountain and being able to see the whole city yet there were thousands more houses from this view.

Coolest things about this city:

1) There are tons of palm trees!! Without the awful humidity one comes to expect in Florida.

2) There are a ton of tall ass buildings with a balcony coming from every window which looks so cool when you’re walking through the cobblestone streets.

3) You can easily walk anywhere within the city center which is hundreds of miles long. But if something seems to far, the Metro goes everywhere and is super cheap.

4) There are multiple amazing little food joints on every street and I’m a total food junkie.

 Weirdest/different things about this city:

1) Apparently there’s no leash law so dogs are running around everywhere. The weirdest part, they’re really well behaved and won’t stray far from their owners. What good puppy parents!

2) I’ve heard maybe two groups of people speak English, that’s it. Since it’s early June it may not be their tourist high season. But I was definitely expecting more U.S. or British tourists (or Australians, they’re everywhere!) but the only languages I hear are Spanish (obviously), French, and German. Oh, and the occasional Asian tourists who just love snapping selfies.

3) Bikers rule all. They have bike lanes on sidewalks, and lanes in the street that are much bigger than the lanes we give our poor bikers. I’ve seen many cars stop even though they don’t have to because they see that a biker wants to cross the street.

Adios for now!


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