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Second Stop: Notable Nice


We made it to Nice and it’s official, I’m moving here at some point in my life. This city is beautiful beyond words!

We got into the city fairly late since our flight was delayed due to several strikes going on in Spain. So like the Americans we are, we grabbed some McDonald’s for dinner. It was right across from our hostel and we couldn’t resist a nice taste of home.

That night we met a bunch of people in our hostel, ranging from Americans, an Australian couple, and some British girls. I was much happier to have English speakers as neighbors instead of being a loner in Barcelona.

Our first full day, we hiked up the Colline du Chateu which showed an absolutely amazing view of the city. The old structure actually used to be a castle and had an old cemetery as well.

Then we stopped for lunch at this great little pasta place that was owned and operated by this older French man. He was extremely welcoming and friendly which is the only encounter I’ve had like that here in France so far.

We then went out to get dinner with our American friends from the hostel. We were walking around ‘Old Town’ trying to find a nice place to eat and people were completely bombarding us trying to get us to eat at their restaurant (which I noticed later, they only did to foreigners). It was very bizarre but quite funny at the same time because they stick all the French women outside to attract customers. Then we went out to a few different bars that were recommended to us and I had a complete flashback to the bars in Athens. The first one we went into was packed to the brim! And later on we saw Morgan Freeman’s twin playing the guitar in a pretty low-key bar. It was insane how identical they looked! Maybe it actually was him and he has a singing career on the side, seems likely right?

Today was also quite adventurous. Suggested by a guy from Norway I met last night, we journeyed to Monaco! We visited the casino that was in the James Bond film and it was absolutely beautiful!! There were gorgeous chandeliers and beautiful paintings on the ceiling. I felt like I was in a church. Then we just went to the beach in Monaco and swam in the freezing ocean!

Coolest/best things about this city:

1) More palm trees! I’m obsessed I know.

2) There are a lot more English speaking people here and many more people around our age which is great to meet friends.

Weirdest/different things about this city:

1) The beaches we’ve been to are made of pebbles instead of sand. Ouch!

2) The people here aren’t as friendly as in Barcelona, in fact we’re almost invisible here which is strange since I’m sure we stick out so much.

And off to Milan tomorrow!

Au revoir!




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