Travel - Europe

Third Stop: Maniacal Milan


We arrived in Italy! We only stopped in Milan for the night so we could break up a long day of travel in order to get to Florence.

We arrived fairly late since it was about a five hour train ride, total. So, we immediately dropped our belongings off at our hostel (which by the way had NO air conditioning.. Thank god we only stayed one night in that heat!) and went off to explore. We walked about three or four miles down to the Milan Cathedral which was huge and absolutely beautiful. The detail on all of these old churches is absolutely incredible and indescribable.

At one point by the cathedral, a random man came up to Mike and put bird seed in his hand and whistled some pigeons over. It was funny to see how quickly they flew into his hand to eat, as if they don’t eat every possible scrap anywhere within the city. They even fly into restaurants! I guess that’s why people call them rat-birds.

After gawking over the cathedral’s beauty we decided to have a really nice dinner since it was Mike’s birthday! We stopped in this shopping mall-like plaza and found this quaint Italian restaurant which ended up being so delicious! I ordered ravioli with bolognese sauce and it was definitely the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted! But I should mention that I’m used to good ‘ol Chef Boyardee.

 We then had a sweat-filled night and woke up early to catch a two hour train ride to Florence!

Coolest things about this city:

1) The city is pretty clean except for some graffiti.

Weirdest/different things about this city:

1) The roads are seriously a maze. I could not figure them out and the drivers would weave in and out of their “lanes” although there were no designated sections of the road. It was so bizarre to watch.

2) Basically every shop and restaurant was closed since we were there on a Sunday. I thought Chick-fil-a was the first to start that trend, but I guess it was the Italians, hah.

 Speaking of Chick-fil-a who wants to mail me some 🙂 I’m already deprived.


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