Travel - Europe

Fourth Stop: Fantastic Florence!

Ciao again!

 So Florence and Nice are tied for where I want to live. It’s another beautiful city, although there isn’t a beach so maybe Nice is still my front runner.

 For this leg of our journey we stayed in a camping hostel that Max suggested we go to. Although it was pretty toasty during the day, there were absolutely amazing views of the city from our place.

Our first night there we met up with our American friends, along with some other new friends, for dinner in the city. I got spaghetti and meatballs, how American of me I know, but it was SO delicious!! Best spaghetti and meatballs I’ve ever had. We then wandered around the city with our American friends guiding us since they had already been there a night. We went and saw the Florence Cathedral aka the Duomo just as the sun was starting to set which was absolutely beautiful!! We also walked by many statues in the Palazzo Vecchio and saw the huge clock tower. Then only a few blocks away we walked back to our campsite along the Ponte Vecchio bridge. One of the American brothers told me that there are millions of diamonds on that bridge! How crazy!

The next day I finally had to do laundry, which isn’t cheap anywhere I’ve been. To improvise I simply washed my clothes in the sink then paid to have them dried. After that, we decided to do some more exploring. We ended up at the Uffizi Art Gallery which we had to wait an hour to get into. It was definitely worth the wait though, the history in that gallery is amazing. There were thousands of statues and busts, along with paintings of the Medici family. On many of the statues you can see where they have been restored with newer marble.

Afterwards we were extremely hungry so we stopped into one of the first places we came across. We both ordered pizza and it was delicious! I got a spicy Italian sausage on mine. We then walked back to the campsite passing over the Ponte Vecchio again. This time all of the shops were open and there was jewelry everywhere!! Every single shop on that bridge contained thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

That night we just hung out with a bunch of people and rested to prepare for our travel day the next morning.

Beautiful Tuscan countryside here we come!



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