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Sixth Stop: Vibrant Venice

We saved the best city (in my opinion) for our last stop in Italy.

Venice is absolutely beautiful and a totally different world! There are no cars on the island and water is everywhere! This doesn’t really help when you’re trying to find your way and wander down an alley only to stop at a dead end next to the water.

Our first night we went to the restaurant/night club on the hostel property for dinner. The food and wine was delicious. Italian food is by far my favorite type of food.

The next morning we woke up early and took a bus onto the main island. A girl from the UK who we met in Tuscany suggested we just get lost and don’t bother using a map until you’re trying to get back, so that’s what we did. And lost we did get! It was extremely difficult trying to get back to our bus and actually missed it and had to take another bus back to the hostel.

But until our bus dilemma, we explored all around the island and saw so many canals. Boats were everywhere on the Grand Canal! There were a ton of shops selling everything you can think of and little back alleyways revealed some cute apartment homes overlooking the canals.

We then reached an edge of the island and decided to take a ferry to the small island of Murano (another suggestion from our UK friend). The island is known for their glass blowing and it was incredible to see how detailed and small they can make glass items. There were things such as beautiful cups, plates, chandeliers, vases, necklaces, and frames. They were all very beautiful!

Our second full day we relaxed by the pool at our hostel. We were exhausted from walking nine hours straight the day before and constantly getting lost wore us out as well! This also led to me getting sun burnt but luckily it turned to a nice tan already! We had another nice dinner, showered, and called it a night since we had to wake up early to catch a train to Austria.

Ciao Italy and guten tag to our next city, Innsbruck!


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