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Seventh Stop: Incredible Innsbruck

So on our way to Germany we decided to make a pit-stop in Austria. Max studied abroad here and highly recommended we stay in Innsbruck for a bit. Before we even arrived we planned on meeting up with one of Max’s friends he made while over here.

The first night we got in late since the train ride was about five hours. So we had to immediately go check-in to our hostel, drop off our luggage, then go meet up with Max’s friend, Ada, for drinks. We ate dinner and tried some really good Austrian and German beers and finally walked back to the hostel around 1am.

The next day we were up quite early for the hostel’s breakfast. We then met back up with our new Austrian friend/tour guide/translator and decided to go hike up a mountain that surrounds the city, called Seegrube. At this point in the day, it’s drizzling and cold so I’m highly regretting not bringing more cold weather clothes. Luckily, Ada let me borrow a pair of her hiking boots for our trek up this huge mountain.

Starting out, it was cold but I felt fine. Then the mountain decided to start escalating straight up at an 85 degree angle. So I was sweating but it was fairly windy so it was an interesting combination, but the views from the mountain were absolutely beautiful and so worth being cold for!

We finally made it up to a restaurant stuck into the side of this mountain, after passing many cows along the way. It was so warm and cozy in the restaurant that I didn’t want to leave! The food was also really delicious! I got soup that had a type of cheese-stuffed dumpling in it, along with some peppermint tea. Everything really helped to warm me up.

Then we put all of our layers back on and hiked some more, to a cable car that could take us down the mountain. This time we passed by a lot of mountain sheep and went up a long zig-zagged road to get to this ski lift.

It was a good hike and once we got fairly close to the top, we could see all the snow on top of the mountain’s peak. It was absolutely beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

We stopped part of the way down to visit a zoo that’s nestled into the side of the mountain. It was really crazy to see how different zoo’s are in Europe. For example, you can enter a lot of the cages , usually it’s just the birds, but there were hardly any fences keeping the animals away from the guests. A good example is the picture below where the animals are walking on the sidewalk next to their ‘fence’. I almost saw a little girl get smacked in the face by this guy’s horns.

We then took the cable car the rest of the way down and went back to our hostel to shower and get ready for dinner. We met back up with Ada, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s brother. We stopped at this really delicious Napoli restaurant which is basically just Indian food. It was so yummy!! Afterwards we went out for drinks again at a student bar which reminded me a lot of Athens, except no one was speaking English, hah.

The next morning before we got a train to Munich, we went to Schloss Ambras, which is a Hapsburg castle right on the edge of the city. It was really beautiful and all of the paintings on the wall were extremely detailed and lifelike. We saw the ‘bathtub’ the family used and then a washroom which looked like a hot tub in the floor; it was pretty neat, I may have to install one in my future home. We also got to see hand-made armour and glass exhibits they had within the castle which was really cool. Once again, everything was so detailed and beautiful.

Afterwards, we went back to Ada’s loft to pick up our luggage (which she so nicely let us leave there while we visited the castle!) and headed to the train station to catch a train to Germany!

Off to our second-to-last city! How bittersweet.


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