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Eighth Stop: Magical Munich

Guten tag!

We are now in our fifth country! And it’s only getting colder.

We arrived in Germany by train and had just enough time to check-in to our hostel, eat dinner, and drink a beer before the sun went down.

The first night was absolutely freezing regardless of the beers I had. We stayed in this hostel called The Tent and it has a HUGE tent that has at least a hundred bunk beds in it. It was so crazy and quite the experience.

The next day I got up early and did some laundry. It was a bit warmer once the sun was out but still not the weather I was expecting. We then caught a train out to Dachau, a concentration camp memorial.  It was really heavy stuff and I was feeling pretty low afterwards. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to witness such terrible acts of violence. It was definitely interesting to see and gave me a new outlook on my own life.

We then planned on meeting up with another one of Max’s friends, Julian. We were wandering aimlessly, asking locals for directions, before we finally arrived at the fountain meeting spot. From there, Julian took us to a Mexican restaurant (Yes, they have Mexican in Europe!) where his friends were having some drinks. We ate and drank plentifully before catching a tram back to our hostel around 2am.

The next day we wandered all throughout the city. My legs were pretty exhausted afterwards. We had to check-out of our hostel around noon and we booked a night-train to Amsterdam which didn’t plan on leaving until 11pm so we had quite a few hours to kill. We had some good food, good beers, and good company.

We then found ourselves wandering towards the Englischer Garten. It’s this huge park with a river running right through it and so many people were hanging out there! People were throwing frisbees, biking, walking their dog, playing with their kids, or even tight rope walking.  It was really cool and we sat on a bench for a while drinking some beers.

We then came across a group of guys surfing, yes surfing, in the river! According to one of our new German friends, it had been raining a lot in Germany lately so there was a lot of flooding. It was so crazy to watch these guys and there were even two younger boys who looked to be around 13. They were actually really good!

We then made our way back to the train station and waited for our night-train to depart.

Next stop: the crazy, famous Amsterdam!!

Gute nacht!


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