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Packing Tips for Europe!


So, in a previous post I gave you the exact packing list I used to travel across Europe (after tons of research). Now I want to share with you some other packing tips I have for Europe! I’m also attaching pictures of all the different outfits I wore to mix and match clothes while over there!

Things I wish I had packed but didn’t: 

  • Warmer shoes; as I said above, a thicker pair of TOMS might have done the trick because the shoes I ended up buying in Amsterdam weren’t even that thick.
  • Warmer clothes; I had a long white sleeved shirt in my packing pile but took it out before leaving because I didn’t think I would need it. I didn’t realize that the weather could get that chilly in Austria, Germany, and Amsterdam during the summer. I layered the clothes I did have so I was fine for the most part, but I do wish I had brought that long sleeved shirt for the colder nights.

Things I wish I hadn’t packed but did:

  • Water bottle; buying water bottles anywhere in Europe is cheap and I didn’t take the risk of drinking tap water (just in case) so I never used this
  • Money belt; as I said above, I had no problems with sneaky people because my purse was tightly wrapped around my body. I wouldn’t have wanted to rummage through my pants to pay someone anyways. It was nice to have as a safety precaution since I had never been to Europe but I really don’t think it’s necessary as long as you’re aware of your surroundings.


Barcelona, Spain – White t-shirt from Target, blue striped shorts, fashion belt, and chaco’s.



Nice, France – White t-shirt from Target, red high-low skirt, and chaco’s (wore the same outfit to get drinks with some new friends after letting my clothes air out at the hostel)


Monaco Trip – Black t-shirt from Target, jean shorts, and chaco’s


Milan, Italy – High-low dress and dressier sandals


Florence, Italy – White t-shirt, blue-striped shorts, fashion belt, and chaco’s



Night out in Florence – High-low dress and dressier sandals


Tuscany/Certaldo, Italy – Black dress and chaco’s


Venice, Italy – Black T-shirt from Target, red high-low skirt, and chaco’s


Innsbruck, Austria – Stretchy work-out pants, white t-shirt from Target, thin blue jacket, and rain jacket (I borrowed hiking boots from a friend we met in Innsbruck)

In Germany and Amsterdam I didn’t take many pictures of my outfits, probably because it was pretty chilly! In those two countries, I wore my skinny jeans and TOMS a lot more, along with my light jackets I brought. My TOMS were pretty thin, so I ended up buying some stuff in Amsterdam, including this fun scarf from an H&M!


Here were my purchases in Amsterdam. I saved all my shopping for the last country to make sure I had enough money! These “European” looking shoes were much warmer! And since I’m obsessed with bathing suits, I had to get this one that was on sale!


My suggestions/tips for you:

  • Don’t fret too much about having the perfect pack. No matter how much research you do, you will bring something you don’t need and/or forget something that ends up being fairly important.
  • Follow up to the above tip: You can buy ANYTHING you’re missing over there. It’s not a third-world country by any means and is very similar to the United States so you’re bound to find all of the essentials at your fingertips. Ex: I bought those warmer shoes in Amsterdam!
  • Find neutral colored clothes that go together for all your outfits. Pick your most neutral colored cardigan and jacket to go with all of your outfits. It helps to lay out outfits that go together while you’re packing so you can see how much use you will get out of each item.
  • Get compression sacks!!! This way, even if you bring a lot of clothes, it doesn’t seem like as much because you’re complying them into a smaller space. These things are seriously amazing.!

Oh, and I can’t forget some laundry cheats. Nothing too crazy, but I’m a penny pincher so I will share for those other penny pinchers out there:

  1. Use a spritz or two of perfume to freshen up a shirt or pants you’ve worn a few times already. Then hang it on a bunk bed or railing to let it air out some of those other odors! Or even hang it out the window! A lot of hostels have “drying lines” to hang clothes out to dry
  2. Bring a few dryer sheets to keep in with your dirty and/or fresh laundry to keep them smelling good.
  3. When you finally break down and do your laundry, wash everything by hand with some laundry soap (I used the little balls that you could just pop with a finger nail to get the soap out). THEN, pay for them to be dried so that way you’re not spending money on the washing machines as well.
  4. Otherwise, if you have time and enough sun, you can just let your clothes air dry. A lot of the hostels I went to had ropes to hang clothing or windows with railings to hang stuff off of.


Last but not least, here is my favorite website I came across while I was doing research for this trip:

Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists

There are a TON of great lists for all over the globe! I bookmarked it for future trips!


Any questions or comments? Leave them below 🙂 Do you have a story of when you packed way too much or way too little? I’d love to hear!


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