Travel - Central America

Day One & Two: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

My latest adventure is taking me down to Central America! I’m doing the entire two weeks with a company called GAdventures. I’m taking time off work and spending all the money I had left from my Europe trip, but I couldn’t be more excited.

On Saturday, the 7th, I flew into the Cancun airport all by myself. I had no problems until I got out of the airport only to find my airport pick-up wasn’t there. I quickly realized that we actually landed earlier than planned instead of later. Here I was rushing to get past customs and everything because I thought the plane had landed late and I was going to miss my pick-up. So I just wandered around until a bus driver asked me if I needed a ride. I explained the situation and he eventually pointed me in the right direction of where my pick-up would arrive.

Needless to say this next part was interesting since I don’t speak fluent Spanish and all of the taxi people do. So my ride arrived and asked my name. He put me into the van with my stuff and immediately started speaking Spanish as if we were old friends catching up. The next 45 minutes were a rush of foreign words blended with a few words I recognized, along with me repetitively saying “que?”. So much for those five years of Spanish classes. I did keep trying to carry on a conversation by asking his name, where he was originally from, and how long he had been in this line of work. I couldn’t tell you any of his answers but it made me feel good to know he understood me. Or he may have just been making fun of me.. Who knows.

He also had what looked to be props in the back of his van. Otherwise, rocks for buildings or something. Quite strange.

I checked into the hotel and met my roommate named Liv. She’s from Denmark and has been traveling for a while now. Her last stop was Cambodia and she fully convinced me to go visit at some point. I then ran into Alexis, my friend that I was going on the trip with, and we went off to have some Mexican lunch!

That night the whole group went out for drinks and it was a blast! Everyone quickly bonded over some beers and shots. We went dancing and even met some people from Atlanta!

The next day, we were all nursing a hangover so we had some French fries and loads of water. We walked on the beach and saw some beautifully detailed sand sculptures.

The whole group then met up for some tacos and called it an early night since we had to be up the next day at 5:30am! Off to Belize for us!


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