Travel - Central America

Day Three, Four, & Five: Caye Caulker, Belize

Our journey to Belize was quite a long day of travel. We got up at 5:30am and walked in the rain to the local bus stop. We then waited for a bus there for about 20 minutes. It ended up being like a charter bus so it had air conditioning and comfy reclining seats. So everyone went back to sleep for the next few hours. We were on that bus for about 5 hours.

We then got off and took taxis to the next bus station. This time we took something called a ‘chicken bus’ which is basically just an old school bus that’s been decorated and painted.

While on these buses we reached the border of Mexico and Belize. The first stop we had to ‘leave’ Mexico and pay them 290 pesos which is technically just a bribe for us to leave the country. Then ten minutes later we arrived in Belize where everyone spoke English! The man that stamped my passport was very friendly and asked where all we were going and what my job was back home. He also asked if I was a good tutor… I said that I like to think so!

We then got back on the chicken buses and rode for another three hours before we reached the boat station in Belize City. The boat ride to Caye Caulker took another hour and we finally arrived around 7pm! We then rush to drop off our stuff at the hotel before running off to the tours shop to plan our next few days. Then off to dinner!

The next day, I hung out with some people from the group on something called ‘The Split’. This is the part of the island that got split in half from a hurricane. They have a fun little tiki bar there that we drank at all day and swam in the ocean.

That night we went out for dinner with the group and I had some delicious sweet and sour chicken with garlic bread and mashed potatoes. We then went back to the hotel early since we were going snorkeling the next day around 10am.

The next day we woke up around 8:30am to get breakfast before going snorkeling. We went out with a tour group called Raggamuffin Tours and it was an absolute blast!! We went to three different locations in the sea: the first just had coral reefs, the second was where all the nurse sharks were plus sting rays and big fish! The third was a full tour where we saw a ton of coral and plants, more sharks, huge fish, neon fish, pointy fish, more sting rays, an octopus, two sea turtles (that I wanted to steal and bring home), and an eel! It was absolutely beautiful and just make me want to get my scuba certification that much more!

Since that took up the whole day, we got back and went the the split again for drinks before going to shower for dinner. That night we went to an all you can eat buffet that had BBQ chicken, delicious pork, potatoes, rice, spicy meatballs, and much more!

The last day we were on the island, I got up early with the girl from Scotland I had been rooming with on this part of the trip,  and a guy from Belgium. We walked all around the island and found the little airport they have. We also came across where the locals actually live and saw a shipwreck on the other side of the island. It was all really cool!

Now we are off to our next stop: San Ignacio!


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