Travel - Central America

Day Six & Seven: San Ignacio, Belize

At this point in our journey we are staying at a jungle hostel. It has no running water but there is wifi, how funny.

The first night we got in late so we just had dinner at the hostel’s restaurant and learned about all the fun tours we could go on.

The group decided to split in half, so the next day some went to Crystal Cave for some adventurous tough caving. The other half (the group I was in) opted for a less terrifying activity and instead went to Caracol, which is a site of Mayan ruins.

It was very interesting and our tour guide was great! He is a Mayan himself so he knows a ton of stories. We climbed up a lot of these huge ruins and the views from the top we’re absolutely breathtaking!

After visiting the ruins we ate some lunch then went to explore a cave. It was huge and very cool but very slippery!

We then went off to see some waterfalls and swim in the river. Only three of us got in the water because it was raining but it was a blast. The water was freezing and the rocks were really slippery but we made the best of it.


That night we got home late, had dinner, then played some UNO and other card games before heading off to bed. We had to wake up early the next morning to head off to Guatemala!


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