Travel - Central America

Day Eight: Flores, Guatemala

Yesterday we traveled into our third and final country for this trip. How bittersweet already!

We had to pay to leave Belize which was interesting. Then, luckily our tour guide was able to take all of our passports and ‘checked-in’ everyone into Guatemala.

Along the way to Flores, we stopped at some Mayan ruins called Tikal. It was so cool and HUGE! I don’t know how the Mayans did it, especially since it was all manual labor, with NO fork lifts or anything… so crazy! It was really hot and we all felt like bacon sizzling in the sun but our tour guide was trying so hard to keep us entertained. He had a ton of interesting and fun facts. He was such a cute old man!




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We then got back into the van, where the air conditioning could not have cooled us down fast enough. We were all so hungry and sweaty so by the time we made it to the little island of Flores, we dropped off our luggage and went to pig out at the closest restaurant to our hostel. I got a chicken and cheese crepe, it was sweet like a crepe but with chicken. Very interesting.


Later for dinner, we all dressed up for a fun night out! It was Guatemala’s independence day so there were a TON of people out partying. We met a fellow American from California at a bar we were at. It was a lot of fun partying with all of the Guatemalans.




Today was another travel day, but I got up fairly early and hung out at the pool before eating breakfast.


I then went on a little adventure around the island with four of the other people from my group (the Brit, the Belgian, the Austrian, and the Australian). The island was pretty small so we were able to walk it’s entirety within an hour and a half. It’s size reminds me a lot of Caye Caulker.  We then ate some lunch before heading back to the hostel to leave.







Adios for now!


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