Travel - Central America

Day Nine & Ten: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

We stayed at another jungle lodge in Rio Dulce! It’s called Hacienda Tijax. We had to take a boat to get across to the hostel, which was a beautiful view. The whole lodge is on a boardwalk, and it looks like a swamp underneath. It’s so cool! The cabins are really nice and pretty with white wood floors and walls.IMG_4814


The previous night, we just hung out at the hostel, after eating a delicious dinner, and learned about all the fun activities we could do today.

Yesterday, most of the group split off, with just two other girls and I remaining (the girl from Scotland and the girl from Denmark). After eating breakfast, we walked the three or so miles into town to just wander around and see all of the locals. Later, after we got back to the lodge, we got dressed to go on a ‘yoga hiking tour’. It was awesome! Our tour guide, which was the sweetest older lady who was born and raised in Guatemala, took us to these amazing rope bridges that hung at least 50 feet in the air, and weaved through the jungle. SO cool, yet slightly terrifying since these things shake with every little movement you make.



We then kept hiking and eventually came to a mini castle-like structure.


We climbed the stairs all the way to the top, where we had some AMAZING views of the city and the countryside while the sun was setting in the distance.


After snapping a lot of pictures on the roof, we climbed back down a level to do some yoga. NEVER has yoga been that peaceful for me before, normally I’m just trying to morph my body into all of these complex and painful positions. There was a cool breeze blowing through the tower and it was so silent and serene.

We then sat down to have some tea and cookies while our tour guide talked about the history of Guatemala and some of the hardships that they have been through. It was both eye-opening and heart-breaking to hear, yet very powerful and moving.



20140301-114330.jpgThen, by the time that we hiked back to the lodge, all of the others were back from their adventures and swimming in the pool. We quickly went back to our rooms to change and joined the others at the pool for some margaritas and laughs. That night we also had a big group dinner and told stories from all around the globe. Then it was off to bed early for me and some others that had signed up for an early morning kayak trip to see howler monkeys!

So, this morning I woke up at 5am! For those of you who know me, know that I am NOT an early riser but have been up very early multiple times this trip. It was definitely worth it though. Once we all boarded our kayaks, we set out, while the sun was rising, across this HUGE lake. Kayaking across this lake was a struggle because everyone seemed to want to glide through the water at top speed while I was just trying to take pictures and enjoy the view.



But, we finally made it across the lake and into these marshes. We heard and saw a TON of howler monkeys! They have a very deep growl and howl, which was unlike any other monkey I had ever heard before. I even got to see a little baby howler monkey which was the cutest thing ever and I probably would have taken him home with me if his momma would have let him.




We then kayaked back to the lodge after a few hours of hanging out with the monkeys. By the time we actually made it back to the lodge, I was soaked from paddling, had almost gotten run over by a speed boat, and had to kill a spider that decided to come out of my kayak. Needless to say, I was ready to get out of that kayak and into some dry clothes.

Then, we had a quick breakfast, showered, and packed. Now we’re on a bus headed to Antigua!


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