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How to: Find good hostels in Europe!

best hostels

For my Europe trip, I researched a lottt of hostels on multiple websites prior to my trip. I went through HostelWorldCouch, and Hostel Booking, just to name a few!

I planned out the first portion of my trip and had those hostels ready for my stay before leaving the country. The second half I was leaving up to the good people of Europe to help me decide the hostels I would stay in the remainder of my trip. This allows for flexibility as well, in case you decide you want to stay in a certain city longer than previously planned.

Honestly, in all my research, I simply read through people’s reviews and looked at the maps of the hostel’s location. It was tedious but something I felt was necessary in order to avoid the sketchy places and parts of town. Luckily, a ton of people write reviews on these websites so I had no problems finding the cool cheap places vs. the yucky ones.

Another idea to find hostels for your stay is to ask friends that have previously traveled to Europe and stayed in hostels. Even if they didn’t stay in hostels on their trip, they might have some insight into the cool parts of town as well as the sketchy parts.

To continue on with the whole “asking your friends” idea…. I consider us friends, so I’m going to give you my WHOLE list of hostels that I stayed in on my backpacking trip. I’m so nice, I knowww! 😉

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona 4 Fun Hostel (~$53 per night)

  • Free wifi
  • Kitchen facility for your use
  • Washing machine
  • Comes with linens
  • 24-hour reception
  • TINY shower and smaller rooms
  • Difficult to find the entrance – it’s a huge door with no sign haha
  • Very close to tourist locations and right in the city!

DSCF1021 DSCF1037

IMG_2725 (1)

(World’s smallest shower /\ /\ )


Nice, France: Backpacker’s Chez Patrick Hostel (from $18 – $39 per night depending on the room and the season of your stay)

  • Free wifi (most places have this – if they don’t then I would NOT stay there if I were you!)
  • Common room and kitchen area
  • Comes with linens
  • Not 24-hour reception
  • Bigger rooms and nicely kept
  • Within walking distance from touristy places

DSCF1165 DSCF1162

Milan, Italy: Hotel Valley (~$68 per night – so not worth it, read below)

  • NO AC!! Italy in the summer is terribly hot and with no AC I hardly slept. Unless this changed, I don’t suggest this hostel!
  • Very close to the train station
  • Far from touristy places
  • Comes with linens
  • TINY room

DSCF1194 DSCF1193

Florence, Italy: PLUS Camping Michelangelo (~$15 – $20 per night)

  • This place was suggested by a friend b/c it’s SUPER cheap!
  • It is camping outdoors so it’s HOT but it cools down decently at night
  • Large tents with wooden floors and bunk beds
  • It’s not pristine camping so the showers and bathrooms are in an outside building so they’re not very nice
  • Far from touristy places but has an AMAZING view over the city!!
  • If you’re looking for cheap and enjoy camping this place is awesome!



Certaldo (Tuscany), Italy: Fattoria Bassetto (~$22 – $28 per night)

  • Dorm rooms or private rooms
  • This place is family owned and so cool!
  • Kitchen, living room, and TV access
  • Far from anything but you can hike to a castle nearby through vineyards which is very pretty!
  • Met the most amount of people here!


Venice, Italy: PLUS Jolly Camping (~30 per night)

  • Same type of camping as the Florence place but a little more expensive
  • They have a huge pool and restaurants to go to which are delicious!
  • Not in the city but they have a bus that will take you there
  • Free wifi like all the above


Innsbruck, Austria: Jugendherberge Youth Hostel (~$25 – $41 per night depending on private or dorm room)

  • A friend (who lives in Austria) of a friend found this one for us and booked it
  • A lot of nice rooms and AC
  • Comes with linens
  • Free wifi
  • Kind of far from city center but still within decent walking distance


Munich, Germany: The Tent (~$6 – $50 per night depending on camping vs. staying in their huge tent and also depending on the season)

  • This place has two GIANT tents – one with bunk beds and one is just a room – so you can fold out your sleeping bag for a little less money or get a bunk for a bit more
  • It’s SO cool
  • Free wifi
  • They make a lot of food in their kitchen and you can buy a plate for very cheap
  • It was freezing when I went so depending on the weather this could be a good or bad place to stay

IMG_3597 IMG_3603IMG_3600

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo (~$80 per night)

  • Definitely not worth $80 but still nice
  • Right in the city and within walking distance to tourist places!
  • Free wifi, shower, and breakfast (which was only toast, jams, and tea – but still)!
  • Only dorm rooms
  • Tons of restaurants right next door and across the street
  • Average view from the window (see below)

IMG_3741 IMG_3740


Any hostel suggestions you have for fellow readers? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “How to: Find good hostels in Europe!

  1. Hey there,

    This is a good post, I found it through google! I was wondering if you have already seen the 5 Star Hostels? Just wanted to let you know about them, as I think now it is even easier to find good hostels in Europe 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Hi Matt!
      Thanks for the feedback! I have not seen the 5 Star Hostels but will definitely check it out! I was in Europe about four years ago so I’m sure websites and information have been updated drastically since I’ve been. Thanks again for the information!

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