About me!

Hello there fellow web-browser! Glad you’ve stumbled across my little blog here 🙂

I’m Demi! 🙂


I’m a recent University of Georgia grad (Go Dawgs!) who’s trying to make sense of this crazy world, while also traveling and learning some valuable life lessons along the way. I will be starting graduate school at University of Denver this fall to obtain my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

I have a silly boyfriend, whom I’ve been with for eight years now. I will fondly refer to him as Max in most of my posts, or maybe ‘that goober I live with who likes to fart on me’.

IMG_7844 IMG_7724_2

IMG_7400 IMG_7352

I’m a little obsessed with organization. I’m a lot obsessed with sweets. I love watching Netflix, traveling, and just living in the moment!

It has always been a dream of mine to travel to every continent, then narrow it down to every country. So, let the games begin!


  • North America — check
  • Central America — check
  • South America
  • Europe — check
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Antartica
  • Australia

Enjoy my goofiness via the internet 🙂


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