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How to: Move across the country, cheaply!

As some of you may have read from previous posts/my info page, I’m moving to Colorado (from Atlanta, GA) for graduate school! It’s been very stressful trying to figure out how to get my crap out there in the cheapest possible way. Because let’s be honest, I’m still living the cheap-college-give-me-free-shit life. Here I will… Continue reading How to: Move across the country, cheaply!

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Packing List for Central America!

My latest adventure was traveling through parts of Central America! I went with a large group through a travel company called: GAdventures. I highly suggest this company!! Worth every penny and you get to meet cool people from all over the world! Here is MY packing list that I used for this trip: Toiletries: Small… Continue reading Packing List for Central America!